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Denoyer-Geppert, International is the source for human anatomy, biology, and chemistry teaching tools for health and science education.

  • Helen Keller image with eye and ear model Hellen Keller Day is June 27.
    To honor her legacy, we are offering a discount on our signature eye and ear models throughout the month of June.
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  • Denoyer-Geppert Lab Safety and Lab Techniques Charts June is National Safety Month! Promote safety and best practices in your laboratory. Laboratory Techniques and Laboratory Safety Wall Charts for just $64 mounted.
  • Denoyer-Geppert Premier Spine with Femur Heads Our signature spine faithfully reproduces bone form and flexible motion of the spine. Special 20% off - $100
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  • Denoyer-Geppert Spine Palpation Trainer Simulates the soft tissue overlying the spine. Improve tactile skills for vertebral level palpation of the spinous and transverse processes.
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